EasyJob Controlling System

What is EasyJob 

This system had involved forecasting, production planning, scheduling workflow and materials for any size of job. These module defines the technical architecture of the product and obtain a technological environment in which the product can successfully run. It is a communication platform between estimate cost and actual cost. These module perform as an interpretation step for producing production cost of a job. It indicated each individual process utilised and wastage cost, in result to procure an accurate actual cost for record or fed into EasyCount module for actual profit calculation.

EasyJob scheduling system is capable with “What-if” scenario for manipulating jobs before adopting the final schedule. This shop floor control provides control and tracking of the status of production orders in the plant. It involves production orders dispatching, capacity planning, resources allocation, reporting and waste or reject tracking intelligence.


EasyJob is a module that involve control jobs and production planning for any size of printing job. A detailed job ticket shows all the needed information such as job title, selected machine, plate size, raw paper and cutting size, quantities, other tast, packing details and etc.

A graphical schedule will be screen on-line to each operator's monitor beside their machine in order to let them aware of job priorities. It is sufficient to track job process by operator scanning the barcode on top of each Job Ticket before and after finished printing of a job.



EasyJob is also a solutions software for calculating employee's performance, actual printing time and wastage of a job with a simple click and drag of mouse. The scheduling system also integrated with the inventory and purchasing system for stock planning and track utilised and available resource. The Shop Floor Management System (SFMS) had specific tool for manufacturing techniques to identify, understand and reduce source of variability.