EasyJob Overview

EasyJob is integrate with costing module and will migrate costing module confirm job order database from central DBserver and generated into a barcoded job docket. Besides that, it is programmed to be a control mechanism module. The machinery used to invoke commands and it is extremely important that command invocation be designed consistently across different applications like pre press, press and post press application its all will be considered by this control mechanism module. System interactive is always link up with job order specific requirement. All performance job dockets and on going job status will display in one scheduling screen and allowed scheduler to decide jobs order production sequence. The scheduling module is flexible for rescheduling situation, the Scheduler is allow to drake and drop jobs on the planning list.


EasyJob Report 

Agent Summary Report . Agent Monthly Report . Agent Detail Report . Job Group Summary Report . Job Group Customer Report .Job Group By Agent . Press Machine Summary Report . Press Machine Monthly Report . Press Machine Detail Report . Operator Summary Report .Operator Monthly Report . Operator Detail Report . Press Production Report . Press Production Summary Report . Press Production Montly Report . Urgent Press Production Report . Usage Paper Summary Report . Paper Wastage Smmary Report . Press Schedule Report . Press Schedule Summary Report . Press Schedule By Agent . Press Schedule By Category. Press Schedule By Customer . Press Schedule By Job Status . Press Schedule By Machine .Completed Job Docket . Completed Job Docket Summary Report . Completed Job Docket By Category . Completed Job Docket By Customer . Completed Job Docket By Product Title . Archive Folder.Archived Job Report . Search Job Report . Search By Customer . Search By Product Title . Search By Agent .Search By Machine .Search By Category .  







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