EasyJob's Benefits

EasyJob will helps in job dockets, planning and scheduling, production management, system control, employee task manager and quality management. It is an understanding of your unique business needs, delivering a complete solution and measuring results that impact the bottom line.




EasyJob provides auto transmit product description for delivery order and invoice preparation. Job dockets are provided for materials and production preparation. EasyJob helps schedule job for each involve department. It also produce an order form directly and automatic update the stock.





EasyJob is capable in daily production work process mangement, know instant production progress and monitoring production cost, reduce the waste of cost center. It helps to evaluate plate making, paper trim work, printing, folding, packing workshop produce cost for each department. EasyJob quarantee will produce accurate production planning sheet include pre-press, press and postpress. It also provide auto planning for the whole production work flow when jump the queue job's occur.




EasyJob helps to produce monitoring management system and automatically control each resource centre, such as, each work progress, reprint work condition and enchances the latest information for further record. EasyJob also provide accuracy in multiple kind of products and shipment to mitigate production mistake.

EasyJob also helps in updating production quality control system, from old type to a vigorously managed system. It also evaluate and inspect requirement, quantity and the quality of each process, gives a immediate production information and reinforced internal communication with each department.



EasyJob use barcode control system to auto analyzing each involve department. It provides Previous Job Data Recall for Repeat Order, differentiate product category and multi resource control program. It also helps handling multiple order, production sheets, products and shipment, and ensure the accuracy of invoice. EasyJob supervises order and record product delivery, trace production and the order of each customer and deliver goods to count.




EasyJob also provides employee punctuality control system (Barcode system), human resource management and employee work result evalution, auto salary calculation and auto account transmission and monthly revelant report for each employee to the management.





In this category, it provide auto record product which transfer to storehouse and delivery out from storehouse. Offer relevant production cost where it will control each order to get as lowest cost as possible.





Stock modules record comprehensive stock items and its movements. This module allows user to manage stock levels by categories, location and supplier. Its features include setting low level stock warnings so user know when to reorder, automatically reserve paper stock immediately after job docket is issued or request paper stock if stock level is insuffcient to supply for job order.




EasyJob tracking management features including the ability to track each job status and its complete duration time. Besides tracking job status at each department its also allow user to know each processing task spoilage on a job docket. Tracking management is developed to meet objectives for business owner organize and job profitable.