EasyCount's Benefits

Choosing the right accounting software that suits your business can be a very difficult decision. Obviously, EasyCount has completely equip with tools to maximize your profitability with its core financial accounting modules-General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash Management, Multicurrency Manager and GL consolidations.




Allows you to maintain foreign currency account, asset account, manufacturing account with ease. A user-friendly screen is provides for you to maintain Cash Book entry like payment voucher and official receipt with ease. Journal Entry - EasyCount includes journal entry, allowing you to maintain journals for your company. Foreign Bank Adjustment - This feature enables you to maintain local carrying value of foreign bank balance. For maintaining account the system includes Maintain Opening Balance for you to maintain the opening balance (local DR, local CR) for each account.





Besides maintaining Customer information it is includes with Customer Invoice, Customer Payment, Customer Credit Note, Customer Debit Note, Customer Refund and Customer Contra. Once again Reports generate by EasyCount support a wide range of reports such as customer document listing, customer balance report, due document listing, aging report, customer statement, customer post dated cheque listing, customer analysis by document, and customer sales and collection analysis. Each of these reports had been proved work well with multi currency.





Besides Maintain Supplier it is includes with Supplier Invoice, Supplier Payment, Supplier Debit Note, Supplier Credit Note, Supplier Refund, Supplier Contra - This feature allowing you to match a supplier invoice against the customer invoice. Beside, EasyCount have embedded with a set of contra control number, allow for different currency. Once again Reports generate by EasyCount support a wide range of reports such as supplier document listing, supplier balance sheet, supplier due document, supplier aging report, supplier statement, supplier post dated cheque listing, supplier analysis by document and supplier purchase and payment analysis. Each of this report has proved and work well with multi currency.




Include in this module there will be Quotation, Sales Order, Delivery Order, Invoice, Cash Sales, Debit Note, Credit Note and Cancelled Note. Reports generate by support a wide range of reports such as sales document listing, outstanding sales document listing, sales picking list, customer price history, profit and loss by document, sales analysis by document and yearly sales analysis.




Purchase Request is similar with quotation in sales module, EasyCount includes this feature to enable you to maintain the purchase request for particular supplier and Purchase Order is to maintain your purchase for particular supplier. Other module include are like Goods Received, Purchase, Cash Purchase, Purchase Debit Note, Purchase Returned and Purchase Cancelled Note. Reports generate under this module is such as purchase document listing, outstanding purchase document, and supplier price history, purchase analysis by document and yearly purchase analysis.





Maintain Stock Group allows you to easily to maintain the stock group information for you business and maintain Stock Item is to maintain the stock items information for your company via this feature. Beside, this features able to support multi-warehouse,
multi-UOM, different customer price, different supplier price, price tag, alternative stock item, bar code and costing. Beside able to switch costing, EasyCount has support for standard, FIFO and weighted average of costing. Others modules includes are like Maintain Stock Category, Maintain Stock Category Template, Maintain Stock Price Tag, Maintain Item Template, Maintain Location, Stock, Stock Issue, Stock Transfer, Stock Adjustment and Bill of Material. Reports generate under this module is such as stock document listing, stock reorder advice, stock physical worksheet, stock card, stock month end balance, stocks aging and stock analysis by document.





With little input, EasyCount is able to show you with complete details of audit trail. This feature enable you to determine who has manipulate the records in all period of time and under which modules, what are the original value and what are the new value (after change).