EasyCost Estimate Software

What is EasyCost 

EasyCost is a cost estimator. It is design to manage and analysis print order cost. This module will automatically generate an accurate cost guide for any print job through calculated labour, material and manufacturing cost. A organizational structure are planned to conduct user through creating a quote. The system is able to analysis report for pre-press, post-press, result summary and quotations in addition to e-mailed, faxed or printed directly from your workstation. EasyCost is a custom design module are capable for network expansion, e-commerce usage, point-of-sale supported and more. It track information for a job order and produce an accurate cost estimate. With this costing data it integrated with production management module and account management module for actual cost calculation and invoicing purpose. 


EasyCost will helps to minimize waste of materials and provide high accuracy, immediate pricing, choosing appropriate machine option, standardize management, and more. These unified cost estimation system will help obtaining thrust and confident from the clients for your professional services.

For another internal benefit, EasyCost had also provide network expansion features, in order to track estimated cost at any place and any time you like.  



Easycost is a solutions software for inevitable costing problems in printing industry. With its integrated text and icon guides, this software is not only user friendly but also capable of calculating different quantities of quotations.

Easycost estimation system automatically analyses the production method base on the input information of a print job such as paper source, machine option, production method and production costs, it had reduce human errors.