EasyCost Overview

EasyCost is an intelligent print estimating and print quote management software that will help your business run more smoothly. EasyCost is design to manage and analysis print order cost with a simple point-and-click design that allows you to create entire quotes without having to type anything more than the desired quantity. Explosoft’s EasyCost estimating software was not just another print estimating software system for printers, it was a completely system that enable to analysis report for pre-press, result summary and quotation in addition to e-mailed, faxed or printed directly from your workstation The combination of adaptability and usability has made EasyCost the fastest growing printing industry software solution for the past 7 years. EasyCost accomodate features includes:

- Automatically calculated of product requirement and availability for given various costing scenario.

- EasyCost are able to count multiple quantities calculation in a same period of time.

- Cumulate lead-time calculation based on formula and critical path.

- Provide for variable reports for each configuration. (e.g pre-press report, post-press report, customer report, etc)

- Accommodate a job status field indicating either a quote is pending, lost or had been confirmed into an order.

- On-line management on report, quote status and quotation through server

- Quoting templates include flat sheet and web printing

- Provide a variety of pricing for your reference. Each price is count in a particular steps and flexible pre-press operation has the ability for you to add as many as you need.

- The module can be set-up into multi-user environment. It works with local talk and TCP/IP protocols and it can be connected and used by lot of people in a same time.


EasyCost Report 




EasyCost was designed around the simple idea and easy-to-use functional basis. With point-and-click design and stunning speed allow user to quote general print material, book page print, box print and stationery print material.