EasyCost's Benefits

EasyCost will helps to minimize waste of materials and provide high accuracy, immediate pricing, choosing appropriate machine option, standardize management, and more. These unified cost estimation system will help obtaining thrust and confident from the clients for your professional services 




Explosoft estimation system reduces human mistakes in costing and inconsistency of data entering. Its precision eliminates the need of re-costing that waste time and pre-production costs.




Explosoft is capable to estimate presize production costs sheets almosts immediately for clients; in order to fullfill client's requirement for efficiency and costing precission.




Explosoft will chose the machine which is capable of performing the printing job based on the category chosen, quantity, paper brand, paper weight and others. It is up to the user to choose to display all machine or specified machines. This software will then determine which machine provides the lowest cost for the printing of the products.



Explosoft clientele management system helps you understand the client's demands and requirement and providing you international standard services.




Explosoft helps to minimize waste of materials and production costs. It provides the clients with the best production method to reduce waste in printing costs which can maximize profit.





Explosoft will automatically analyze based on the paper source such as the paper typed (Brand, Paper weight). Explosoft will also automatically analyze based on the product size (eg:A4, A5 and etc) number of design per page or per set and how many papers per set.





With different quantities or order, paper sizes and machines, there many possible costs, explosoft displays the lowest cost, machine used, working sheet size and quantities of up per working sheet on each quantity as default but changes can de made to your preferences. Explosoft will also display the lower cost for the Production Method that choose by the customer.




Explosoft will automatically estimate based on the production method choose by customer such as Design Work Status, Plate Status, Film Status, Nylon Block Status, Vanish Status, Fold Status, Die-Cut Status and Binding Status.





Explosoft systems helps you save up at least 10 times of your production time, providing you more time on other aspects such as market trends, clients resolution, clients' payment, most importantly, saves your time on cost estimation.